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To me, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman’s pregnant body. You might not think so during your pregnancy, but I can assure you, you’re a goddess. There is something incredibly special about capturing your beautiful round belly, glowing skin, and the connection between you and your baby. I’m confident in my ability to help you pose in flattering positions and leave our session feeling your absolute best.



Here to celebrate your growing family.

  • When should I schedule my Maternity Photography Session? 

    It is best to schedule your maternity photo shoot for around 30 weeks. At this time in your pregnancy you will have a noticeable bump without out being too uncomfortable. 

  • What should I wear for my maternity session? 

    As with all photography sessions I suggest wearing something that is comfortable and true to who you are. If you are wanting to show off your baby bump wear something form fitting and flattering. 

  • Who should be included in my maternity session? 

    Think of your maternity session as a new chapter for your family story. If you are first time parents, think of it as your last chance for photos of just the two of you before welcoming home your newest addition. If you already have children, this is a great chance to continue to tell your family story. The siblings will love to love on their baby in moms belly and you will want to remember it. Single mama? This can be all about you or bring along your support system. It takes a village to raise these babies and if that’s important for you to remember, I would love to help you do that.

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